Global Management Consultants (Pvt) Limited


Global Management Consultants operate on three principal business lines. Namely:

Economic Development and Financial Institutions
Social and Skills Development and
Strategic Investments and Resource Development

Global Management Consultants (GMC) and its associate companies have the capability to provide innovative solutions and alternatives to many developing countries and development sectors such as banking and finance, infrastructure, power and energy, telecommunication, marine and marine systems development, education systems development, water and sanitation, tourism, fisheries, mining and environmental management including forestry and forest sustainability and economic interpretations.

Backed by an extensive and experienced panel of professionals and experts, GMC possesses the wherewithal to undertake a wide spectrum of projects and development-based activities across many spheres and disciplines. GMC’s consolidated professional expertise spans across Asia and the pacific, thereby empowering our valued customers to create further value in their chosen areas of work and businesses.  Some of the region’s best brains representing relevant sectors have collaborated with GMC, thus facilitating in the development of a world-class Consultancy and management Solutions Framework. Our well developed framework of operational and management support based in Colombo can deliver some of the best on the spot professional assistance and lower the cost of any international business operations.

Simultaneously strengthening of all sectors and capabilities of the public infrastructure and systems play an important part in a developing economy, the proven strengths of GMC and its associate companies in delivering high-end consultancy solutions in any environments has made GMC a preferred choice among its valued clientele.


Management Team






Our Consultants

Dr. Prasad Samarasinghe

IT Consultant

Dr. Anil Jayantha

Finance Consultant

Mr. Chrishantha Obeysekara

HR Consultant

HR Consultant



How We Work

GMC provides valuable expertise, advice and guidance in many specialized areas of business. We provide human resources, new strategies, marketing, and technological support by appointing professionals from various reputed companies to give you best of service.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be one of the Leading Service Provider of Innovative Business Models for the Global Market.