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Unconventional Way of Banking In Solomon Islands


Banking is something that is built around you and your finances and both, traditional and online banking has its own advantages. However, with the rapid shift in technology, we are seeing the impact of online banking and how most customers are now preferring online banking over traditional banking.

As a dedicated bank that has stood on the forefront in offering innovative and simplified banking solutions, Pan Oceanic Bank has established itself as one of the best banks in the Solomon Islands. With its convenient array of products and solutions, POB stands out by offering unique services, making banking accessible to all customers anywhere. Focused to enable customers to complete their financial requirements easily and efficiently, POB banking solutions offer clients complete control over their finances.

Bill Payment

Bill payment through POB Purse is an easy way of paying bills simply through a mobile phone with the POB Purse facility. It can also be used to purchase goods simply and quickly in the Solomon Islands. This amazing platform means that customers need not carry cash with them and can shop and pay bills conveniently. Paying bills via mobile phones is already beginning to replace the conventional way of banking due to the security, ease and speed in which transactions can occur.


Fund Transfers

Following the launch of POB Purse, the bank’s electronic wallet, transfer of funds are now easier than ever before. Customers can now transfer funds from anywhere in the Solomon Islands with the help of a smartphone. The transaction takes only a few seconds and it is a very quick and straightforward process. Customers need not visit the bank to transfer funds and the security features of this application ensures that all transactions are completely secure.


Mobile Top-Up

Through POB Purse, mobile top-up is unbelievably easy as well. Customers don’t have to rush to a shop in order to top-up their phones anymore because it can be done from your phone account either to you or to someone else. Mobile top-up through POB Purse gives complete control of money for customers from anywhere in the Solomon Islands.



BPay or Bills Pay is a quick and easy way of buying goods in the Solomon Islands. With POB Purse, customers can use the BPay option in the account in order to purchase at any merchant store that displays the BPay sign. Thanks to this innovative solutions, customers need not carry cash with them to buy stuff anymore- all they need is an internet access on their mobile device.