Global Management Consultants (Pvt) Limited


emlEML has progressed from a small scale company of four employees to the Islands most sought after environmental consulting company. Spreading their wings, they have diversified in to many fields and established a host of sister companies and spread their consultancies overseas as far as Australia and the United Kingdom. Over base of experienced and qualified consultants from diverse backgrounds keeps increasing each day, further strengthening their capacity. They have and continue to maintain excellent working relationships with their clients, who entrust in them at any time the services offered by them.

EML Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd has successfully implemented more than 350 projects up to now. At a given time, EML handles more than 10 projects of different fields, and various customers, local and international. Its clients include government organizations, private companies, international organizations etc. EML Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd conducts research activities on number of areas, some of these researches are of EML Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd originated and some are on requests of clients.

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