Global Management Consultants (Pvt) Limited


dcDevelopment Concepts (Pvt) Ltd (DC) is a leading consultancy firm specializing in providing financial and businesses management consultancy services to the private and public sector organizations in Sri Lanka. DC was established in 2006 by a group of professionals with several years of national and international consultancy experience both in the private and public sector organizations. They offer a wide range of management consultancy services including financial planning, strategy development, business planning, risk management, financial restructuring SME and micro financing sector development, carbon finance and capacity building etc.

Hence DC services will help businesses be more innovative, more profitable, financially strong and strategically well equipped to meet the competition. DC also has many links with several international consultancy firms. In September 2008, DC was also appointed as the Sri Lankan correspondent for the world’s premier business information provider, DUN and Bradstreet.

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