Global Management Consultants (Pvt) Limited

Our Specialties

Economic Development

We study a country’s economic development programmes in order to appraise the market opportunities. In parallel we assess the local economic conditions in order to design prospective strategic plans aiming future growth and development in the economy.

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Financial Institutions

We work with the banks and non-banking financial institutions form the conceptualization stage to the development, planning, implementing to guiding to sustain in the highly dynamic environment to the measuring of success and post set-up controls.

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Social Development

Our panel of Consultants with decades of experience works with governmental and non-governmental organisations to enhance the quality of life of many underprivileged locations. Our flexible approach in the social development projects has enabled our Development Partners to succeed.

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Skills Development

Our holistic approach towards the skills development has been proven to be the best and one of its kind in the region. We strive to empower the human capital while enhancing their skills and competencies via end to end development programmes.

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Strategic Investments

We help individuals to small medium enterprises to the giant corporations to pick the safe and steady return yielding strategic investment options around the globe. Our expertise and competencies in assessing the right kind of strategic investment options have resulted in most advantageous outcome for our clients.

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Resource Development

Being a multi-sector consulting firm working with various global partners, we possess the solid know-how to venture into resource development projects and achieve the optimum outcome. Our uncompromised social, engineering, environmental and management backgrounds provide the outstanding framework to work on resource development.

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Our Consultants are available for a preliminary discussion in order to understand the exact requirements to move to the next stage.

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  • “Our unparalleled diversified expertise with global perspectives has resulted in undeniable success for our clients. Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) located in Solomon Islands is the best example of our uncompromising passion in providing end to end services.”


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